Sol Ross

Sol Ross is the Chief Operations Officer at 937 Strategy Group. While most of his focus is on healthcare innovation and data-driven governance, Sol’s value to clients comes from a command of government process, policy, and politics.

Previously, Sol was the Head of Federal Affairs for CVS Health, where he devised and implemented strategies to reduce regulatory burden, increase security for sensitive information, managed crises with Congress and the Administration, and assisted in the expedited roll out of the decision to remove tobacco from all stores. His day to day focused on the intersection of cybersecurity, innovation, and ways to lower the corporate tax rate.

Immediately before CVS Health, Mr. Ross worked at Department of Health and Human Services where he served Secretary Sebelius as her Director of Private Sector Engagement. In that role, Sol was the central point of interaction between the business community and the department on the Affordable Care Act, Innovation, and strategic initiatives including the White House Business Council.

Before HHS, he spent two years in state and local government consulting, working with Fortune 500 clients on various dynamic campaigns leveraging Governors and Attorneys General on cyber security, identity theft, and financial services. Before those endeavors, Sol worked for BearingPoint both in government affairs and as an advisor on the “Green Services” team. While at BearingPoint, he represented the company at Tech America (at the time, the largest tech trade association) on Cybersecurity and co-founded the Government Affairs Committee.

Mr. Ross’ DC career began as the State-Federal Relations Director for the State of Illinois. Working directly with the Governor in the Washington DC office, he managed the state’s Federal Appropriations process and devised the outreach strategy for State Agency Directors and Secretaries to the Illinois delegation and Federal government.

Sol received his BA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and his MBA from the University of Maryland. He is the former President of the Illinois State Society in Washington DC and is a guest lecturer at the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, as well as the Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame. In 2014, he was named an Aspen Institute Scholar.

He spends his time away from 937 with his daughters, (no longer) futilely rooting for the Cubs, and searching for the best Italian Beef sandwich outside of Chicago’s metropolitan area.